Amy Pfeffer Orchard Park

Symphony of Shadows: Decoding the Enigmatic 3 E's of Trauma

In the depths of the human experience, a symphony of shadows unfolds—a haunting melody composed of the 3 E's of trauma. Like enigmatic notes on a musical staff, these elements—event, experience, an...

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Nourishing Curiosity: Encouraging Exploration and Learning in 1-Year-Olds

The world is a captivating playground for 1-year-olds, filled with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. At this stage of rapid development, nurturing their innate curiosity and prov...

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Can You Be Traumatized and Not Know It?

Trauma is a broad term for experiences that trigger a powerful, negative response in the brain and body. It can be anything from a major injury to a childhood abuse situation that rewires the mind ...

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Unresolved Trauma from Childhood

Many adults are still dealing with traumatic experiences from their youth. The impacts on one's mental health and interpersonal connections can be lasting. Recovering from traumatic childhood expe...

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Is There a Common Trauma That Affects Young People?

Any painful experience that occurs during a child's or young adult's formative years is categorized as childhood trauma. Exposure to natural disasters, as well as physical or mental abuse, neglect,...

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Treatment for Autism: What Kinds of Treatments Are There?

Treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) don't aim to cure it, but they can make a person's life better by helping them socialize and communicate, function at school and in their community, an...

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Autism symptoms start in babies and toddlers, and they get worse.

As Per Amy Pfeffer Orchard Park, Children with autism may not pay attention to most lessons, have trouble understanding social rules, and have a hard time moving from one thing to another. They may...

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